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Mr. & Mrs. Top 1% Happiness Roadmap

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Most couples are not experiencing close to the full potential of fulfillment and happiness in their marriage. What about you in your marriage? Mr. & Mrs. Top 1% series is a collection of resources and programs I specially designed to nurture courageous couples to fight for their ultimate fulfillment and happiness in their marriage. I developed this happiness roadmap to help you visualize and understand the complete marriage transformation journey, based on my experience working with many couples over the past decade. The journey begins from Stage 0 Awareness up to Stage 7 Fulfillment. However, it also warns us that when we don't take the right action from the early stage, things could become worse, deteriorating from Stage 0 Awareness to Stage -1 Denial, and further down to Stage -2 Escalation. In this complimentary roadmap, I walk you through each stage in greater detail including symptoms to help you identify where you are at. Then, you will find my recommended menu of action steps to help you progress from your current stage upward, and how I can help you to accelerate your transformation when you are ready to go deeper. I look forward to starting this transformation journey with you. Can't wait to tell you more inside!

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