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Colored Brain: Just be a joyful rainbow

Colored Brain: Just be a joyful rainbow by Stephanie Cristal D.

"You have a lot of internal conflicts."

After hours of diagnosing, that conclusion by my Colored Brain coach is not wrong.

I was diagnosed as blue-brained (intuitive) by gene and red-brained (linear) by nurture, which is conflicting in many ways. Imagine when the extreme of my red-brained nature (overthinking/analyzing) meets the extreme of my blue-brained nature (super emotional).

As I digest that 'truth' about this internal conflict and searched for lots of evidence in my past to confirm such internal conflict, I was greatly troubled through the long night and the long day.

Finally, I shared it all with my husband the following night. After patiently listening to me, he smiled and looked at me, saying:

"You are a rainbow, and you switch into different colors beautifully when you need to. It doesn't matter what color your brain is by gene or by nurture. It matters that you are being your fullest self."

I was stunned by his response. I didn't know my night and day of emotional and psychological turmoil could be so easily calmed with those simple words and a change of perspective.

I am sharing this so that if you have conflicting brain colors as I do, don't restrict yourself to any brain color, though it's good to understand your nature and tendency. Just be a joyful rainbow!

If you have taken a Colored Brain assessment, share with me what your prominent Colors are!

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