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Breathtaking 2N2D at Furong Town (with travel tips)

Information as of November 2023

Breathtaking 2N2D at Furong Town with travel tips

If you plan to visit Zhangjiajie 张家界 in China which is known for the hallelujah mountains in the Avatar movie, Furong Town 芙蓉镇 is a must-go nearby tourist attraction. It takes ~2 hours to travel there from Zhangjiajie by car (~RMB300) or by train (less than RMB100 per person).

Our travel tips for you

Most Zhangjiajie tours that include Furong Town in the itinerary only do a quick afternoon stop (about 2-3 hours) at Furong Town at around 3pm on the day of departure from Zhangjiajie to Phoenix Ancient City 凤凰古镇 (another popular tourist attraction).

After further consideration, we decided to travel to Furong Town (and our entire Zhangjiajie trip) on our own instead of following the tour so that we could take our time to enjoy the astonishing night view at Furong Town. We ended up staying two nights here.

Furong Town entrance tickets

RMB108/adult (foreigner) valid for unlimited access over 3 days.

This ticket includes all shows and performances scheduled at fixed times every day.

You can choose accommodation inside or outside Furong Town.

Photoshooting fun

Photoshooting in the traditional Miao 苗族 tribal costumes and other anime costumes is available here (makeup and hairdo included).

You can choose from many shops. So, first, look around for the costumes that you really like, then ask for their prices and packages. And remember, always bargain for your best price and then have fun!

Our 2-night-2-day memories at Furong Town

A picture speaks a thousand words and a video, a million!

We are happy to share our breathtaking 2N2D memories at Furong Town with you below:

My husband is always the drone pilot for all our areal videos, with on-the-ground videos taken by both of us. For the camera enthusiasts who are interested in knowing more, the videos were shot using DJI Mini 4 Pro, DJI Osmo Action 4, and of course my faithful phone OPPO Reno7 Pro.

We would like to acknowledge and give proper music credit to the owner of the background music used in this video: Zui Jiang Yue by Xian Zi ℗ 2021 嘉尤音乐 Composer: 宋辰, Lyricist: 严雨田.

It's a beautiful song about love, longing, and the bitter joy while waiting to meet by the river. In this video, we used my cover version of this song.

We hope you enjoy the video, and share your travel experience with us in the comments if you have also visited Furong Town.

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