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Who drinks up most of your toner? Cotton pad? Your palm?

Many of us who have a daily skincare routine will highly likely own a type of 'toner'.

In the industry, the term ‘toner’ has been used when referring to cosmetic water, softener, and Tonique, which are very different from each other.

The cosmetic water has a cleaning property and temporarily hydrates the surface of the skin, while the softener softens the stratum corneum (outmost skin layer) by removing the excessive aging keratin. Both of them provide hydration and nutrients to the skin, but these molecules stay on the skin's surface and can be easily evaporated, leaving the skin dry shortly after.

Tonique on the other hand, especially the V Magic® Vigor Tonique, creates channels for deep-layer penetration and maximum absorption into the skin, which is very crucial especially for the skin to truly absorb the following serum application as part of effective skincare, stabilizing and restoring the skin structure.

Now that you understand what a toner could be, how are you applying toner to your face during your skincare routine?

When you pour your toner onto cotton pads and wipe it on your face, the cotton pads drink up most of your toner and leave just a little for your skin to absorb.

Or if you pour your toner onto your palms and tap them on your face, your palms drink up most of your toner and also leave just a little for your skin to absorb.

The correct way to apply Tonique for maximum absorption of its goodness into your face skin is by pouring it directly on your face.

Used twice daily in the morning and at night after your facial cleanser (and scrub), put two to three fingers of one hand on standby near your cheek. Then with your other hand, hold and tilt the bottle downwards towards your cheek, and use your standby fingers to gently sweep the toner across your cheek from inside outward and upward in a circular movement, across your nose and chin. Repeat for your other cheek and forehead. You don’t have to massage until it gets drier so that most of the toner goes into your skin instead of your hands.

I love empowering more people to take better control of their skincare choices by sharing insider, real skincare knowledge, tips, and advice whenever I meet people who care about their facial skin.

If you are open to it, I would be happy to do a 1-on-1 facial skin consultation so don't be shy to reach out.

Now that you know the correct way to apply toner in your skincare routine, was there anything I shared that surprised you?

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