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Just washed your car and it rains

Featured article: Just washed your car and it rains | Faithful Salt

You have experienced that many times and it's frustrating, right?

One particular night many years ago, after juggling with my hectic schedule for so long, I finally got to wash our car thoroughly. I was excited to have that awesome feeling of driving a clean and shiny treasure the next day. And the next morning just as I was departing from the cosy shelter, the rain came and stained our car..

As I was thinking about how disappointing this was on my way to work, a thought moved my heart that this is exactly how I always make God feel. When I encountered Him and turned from my old ways, He washed me clean and gave me a whole new self. But right on the next morning, I would easily allow room and time for the devil to suggest thoughts to my mind and toy with my emotions, and eventually give in to my flesh desire as if the encounter with Him never happened the night before.

That was a deep conviction to me, and it has become a regular reminder to me of God's greatness and grace to each one of us.

God loves us so amazingly, that He chose to die for us when we were still sinners. And nothing we do can change how much He loves you and me.

Let us encourage each other to remain pure in His eyes, overcoming one temptation each time through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Even when we fail again, never stop running back to God in sincere repentance.

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