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The top 3 common Career Killer Mistakes

The top 3 common Career-killer Mistakes by Stephanie Cristal D.

There are 3 common career-killing mistakes that most young professionals make at work, which have been quietly but surely delaying their career growth and job promotion.

This ultimately means, they take longer than they have to to get each promotion, and every year of not being promoted could mean losing thousands of dollars for even an entry-level young professional.

So let's go through these 3 common mistakes below and see if any of them sounds familiar to you.

Mistake 1: Not tracking your work performance


  • In the past year, you have missed several job or project deadlines.

Many young professionals consider the annual performance goal & KPI setting and performance review as nothing more than some HR-given activities, and they only pay attention to these when they receive email reminders from HR about these activities - in the early of the year, mid-year, and year-end.

It's hard to know how well you are performing in your job if you don't track it against the pre-agreed KPI targets and results.

When we don't track our work performance, it's very likely that we end up always rushing to get our job done at the last minute, with stress and long hours of working past office hours.

The problem is that, when you miss a job or project deadline, your failure to fulfill your job expectations & performance targets doesn't end with the year, but compounds up to scar your performance record throughout your career life in that particular company.

Mistake 2: Not being okay with your boss

Mistake 3: Not driving your capability development

Have you made any of these top 3 common Career Killer Mistakes yourself?

If yes, then you'll really appreciate the next part where I will outline the 7 key Promotion Levers, with real-life examples so that you can visualize how to apply them in your situation and accelerate your career growth and job promotion.

This part is available in the complete Advanced Promo Checklist that is accessible to all Niecristal members. Log In to read or Sign Up to access the full content along with other member-exclusive resources.


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