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About Niecristal

Our Mission

Niecristal* exists to equip and raise courageous couples to fight for their marriage in this corrupted world so saturated with broken relationships, strengthening one marriage at a time to then influence their children, relatives, and community in the most beautiful way. 

*pronounced as knee crystal

Niecristal is a Bible-based selflove

transformational coach for young wives

who is genuine, critical but non-judging, interesting and always surprising, stylish yet down-to-earth, wise and trustworthy.

Hi I am Niecristal

Hi, I am Niecristal.

A wife to a super patient husband who persevered through his earlier married years with a hangry wife.

Old Paper Transparent

A dream that stands through decades


From as young as when I was six, I started telling my mom and anyone who asked about my dream that I wanted to be the best wife that I could be. I can't tell if I fully knew what that meant when I was younger, but that dream stays the same until this day.


An amazing gift uncovered

My first relationship advice to a friend was before I even had a boyfriend. It didn't take me long to notice that more friends were coming to me for their relationship problems, and my responses always got them going:

"How did you know that was exactly what I was feeling?"

"I was about to do this exact thing you are telling me not to!"

"Thank you, I know what to do now."


After many such encounters with people around me, I embraced that I am gifted in this area and that I am called to help others in their relationship matters.


Being a guardian of marriages

For over 10 years, I have helped nurture healthier relationships, I have helped save breaking marriages from divorce, and I have encouraged many talented women to pursue their dreams without neglecting their roles at home.


This might sound weird, but I have even been helping me learn interesting and important things about my marriage, my husband, and myself, coaching myself on the right things to do when I get into trouble with my relationship and now marriage. I know that inner guidance was led by the Sovereign God and His Holy Spirit.

Niecristal at your service

Here at Niecristal, I want to make some of my tested resources available to you, and myself accessible to you when you prefer one-to-one personal sessions with me.

While I coach people from different walks and at different stages of life in navigating their relationship problems, I specialize in helping young working wives become happier by loving herself a little more in life and renewing her mind so that she can come back to her husband ready to reconnect deeply again.

When you are ready, start here.

Our Visual Identity

sr knots.png

Our logo is a cursive combined initial of my husband and me, which symbolizes the ups and downs of marriage and relationship. The two intersecting knots also remind us of the reality that marriage is the union of two families, and it has the rippling power to influence a wider community than just the husband and the wife.


Our first primary color Deep Red was deliberately chosen to represent a rekindled passion, deep connection, and selfless love. It is paired with Deep Teal which represents a sense of calmness, depth, and stability from the wisdom and maturity that we bring into every work we do at Niecristal. These are supplemented by our secondary color Warm Beige, infusing down-to-earth warmth, approachability, and trustworthiness that you can feel safe to rely on.

Our Vision

One couple in every adult's circle knows and talks about Niecristal and how their marriage has been blessed.

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