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Power up your marriage leadership in five major areas

For the courageous husbands: Power up your marriage leadership in 5 major areas by Stephanie Cristal D.

If you married a highly capable woman, your marriage is both blessed and challenging. Blessed because a capable woman is like a superwoman. She is good at almost everything.

She can have smart conversations with you, inspire you with brilliant ideas for your projects, and help you bring in extra household income with her highly-paid job or business, and most of the time she is also capable of keeping herself presentable and looking great whenever she joins you at social events. During challenging times, you can be sure that she will have your back.

Now, it is at the same time challenging for you, because she is ever ready to step up and take charge if you ever react late in leading or making a decision during critical times. She might have such a high taste that makes her appear to be demanding to you, which could in turn gradually mold you to tone down more and more for the sake of making her happy – you think letting her decide will make her happier (I hate to break it to you, but most of the time it works exactly the opposite way).

I want to be very honest with you, that a majority of the wives I encountered are in some way, deliberately or subconsciously, expressing their frustration and disappointment with their husband‘s lack of leadership and sense of direction for their marriage and future.

If you are among the loving husbands who always try their best to make their wives happy, today you are going to learn 15 tested actions that you can follow right away (and repeat) to rekindle adoration and respect for you in your beautiful wife's heart – by mastering these five major areas to lead big in your marriage:

Area 1: Finance

The Dream Talk

When you are relaxing together, maybe over a meal, share a financial goal you dream of, and then invite her to share hers.

It may be that both of you aspire to retire early by the age of 35. Or that you both share the same dream of you being the breadwinner, and letting her stop her corporate job to pursue her true passion while spending more time at home with the children.

Remember, no dream is too ridiculous or selfish at this point. Make the sharing casual and enjoyable.

A Strong Foundation

If you know there will be free time for both of you, invite her to do some financial planning together.

Use a simple spreadsheet or template like this to fill up your monthly cash inflow (e.g. streams of income) and outflow (e.g. bills, loan repayment). Share your cash flow with her, discuss where most cash has gone, and the possible areas in which you can generate some savings. Decide together on the recurring transactions that you can automate as much as possible (e.g. tithe allocation, monthly savings, loan repayment, credit card payment, utility bills, etc.). Also, discover together any good investments with extra cash (e.g. share & trading, unit trust fund, retirement savings scheme).

If she has her separate income source and financial commitment, encourage and guide her to do the same.

Money may be a sensitive topic for some couples. So be prepared to be sincere and transparent with her if you do this. Once you have started this, you are building a solid foundation on financial management in your marriage.

Walk The Talk

Simple as it may sound, if you agree to save by reducing unnecessary entertainment expenses, then some examples of action you can take could include reducing your cinema trips and opting for movie time at home instead.

Explore practical ideas together to realize your plans toward your dreams and goals, and then encourage each other along the journey.

Area 2: Meals

Area 3: Her Personal Development

Area 4: Intimacy

Area 5: Faith

So, how was it?

I hope you try one, maybe two, or all of these tested actions soon. Some of these may have already been part of your marriage routine.

Anyway, go and complete your Power Up challenge, and tell me, which of these ideas have you tried and how it turned out.

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