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Leverage your natural masculinity which she adores

For the courageous husbands: Power up your marriage leadership in 5 major areas by Stephanie Cristal D.

Do you know that you have a superpower as a husband? It's your masculinity from within.

We, women, can try all we can to be good at anything, but on things that men are naturally good at, we can put in the same effort as men to learn and do them, and still yield lower results than men. Why is it? Because men and women were created uniquely different, yet perfectly complement each other. It’s that simple.

So here is a list of five ideas you can consider to fully optimize your advantage as a man, and be the husband your wife adores and can’t live without.

1. Polish your driving skills and aim to be the safest driver she has ever ridden with.

Whether you ride a motorcycle or drive a car or a lorry, always make sure you have a valid driving license with you all the time and that your vehicle is always well maintained. And no matter how experienced you think you are at driving, always drive with all the good practices of a safe driver – carry your driving license with you, put on your seatbelt all the time and remind your passengers to do the same, use your signal lights timely even if there’s no vehicle in front of or behind you, keep within the speed limit, never be reckless to speed pass a yellow traffic light or when overtaking other slower vehicles, be alert of your route and don’t switch lane last-minute just right before reaching the fork of the road, turn off your vehicle engine when you are refueling and don’t use your mobile phone at the petrol station, watch out for bumps and holes along the road – there are more safe practices than I could ever list out all here, but you get the point. Even if you are confident that you can make a turn without using the signal light, use it for her and other less confident road users. By the way, driving safely doesn’t mean driving slowly. You can increase your speed while still keeping your passengers feeling safe and comfortable while riding in your fast-moving vehicle.

2. Pick up the basic repair skills for your household items.

3. Be there for her when she is afraid.

4. Be confident in living your role as the husband.

5. Be her spiritual leader.

So, how was it?

I hope you try one, maybe two, or all of these tested ideas soon. Some of these may have already been part of your marriage routine.

Anyway, once you have taken action on this, come back and tell me, which of these ideas you have tried and how it turned out for you and your wife.

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