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You can be a        wife


You don't need a better husband or to sacrifice more.

You just need a renewed mind plus a lil' more love for yourself.

Introducing the

Mr. & Mrs. Top 1%

Happiness Roadmap

Most couples are not experiencing close to the full potential of fulfillment and happiness in their marriage. What about you in your marriage?


I have built the happiness roadmap below to help you find out which Stage you might be at in this journey called marriage. Simply click on each of these stages to see the corresponding symptoms populated and evaluate which of them describe you the best for what you have been going through recently.

Stage -2: Escalation


  • Experiencing heightened conflicts, resentment, grudge

  • Feeling overwhelmed and hopeless

  • Engaging in unhealthy ways of coping or avoidance behaviors

  • Withdrawing from your spouse emotionally and physically

  • Beginning to consider the possibility of separation/divorce

Mr Mrs Top 1 Transformational Journey.png
I have more to share with you.

Access the complete Mr. & Mrs. Top 1% Happiness Roadmap from your member area, where I:

  • walk you through each stage in greater detail to help you clearly identify where you are at,

  • recommend a menu of action steps to help you progress from your current stage upward,

  • and share how I can help you to accelerate your transformation when you are ready to go deeper.

Complimentary, no strings attached.


Take the 7-day

Happiness Challenge

Let me empower you with some very powerful knowledge about marriage and its all-time enemy, and walk you through the simple but effective changes you can follow (and repeat) to begin restoring happiness to your marriage and life.

Breathtaking 2N2D at

Furong Town

Breathtaking 2N2D at Furong Town
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funded to develop and host selflove transformational experiences



dedicated to helping nurture healthier relationships & save marriages



designed & launched to transform relationships & marriages

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"Darkness doesn't exist; it's just the absence of light. So when you feel like you are stuck in the dark, don't stay engulfed but be courageous to reach out for light. Remember that even a tiny ray of light can break through the darkest night."

~ Niecristal

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What's in it for you when you join us

Abundant-Life Resources

It is my joy to equip you to experience an abundant life, with your spouse and in your career or business. Enjoy all the member-exclusive courses and programs including the Mr. & Mrs. Top 1% Happiness Roadmap, 7-day Happiness Challenge, 20 Natural Ways to Enjoy God's Presence in Your Busy Day, and more.

Always an Insider

You will be the first to know about our latest news, programs, and any exciting and interesting works we are doing at Niecristal. I also understand you might not like too many updates, so you decide how frequently you would like to hear from me. Simply go to My Account and set your Updates Preference.

Complimentary Encouragers

I handpicked 52 encouraging short articles and quotes from the many hundreds of them that I have authored since 2011 and made them a collection of Encouragers. It's my pleasure to gift you the Encouragers Lite version (online access) as a welcoming gift, to keep you encouraged all year long.

Birthday Remembrance

We remember you by name and celebrate with you during your birthday month. Growing up, birthday has always been special to me. And I never want you to feel like no one remembers you on your birthday. You are special. After you are approved as a member, go to My Account and set your birthdate.

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